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Is Wilson Library haunted? If so, who haunts it?

Last Updated: Nov 07, 2013  |  381 Views

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Good question and the answer depends on who you ask. There are plenty of stories, but little proof one way or another. Some people think Mabel Zoe Wilson (image below), the library's namesake, haunts the building. But there have been no violent deaths that we know about, so that doesn't help with the ghost rumors.

Speaking of rumors, there are plenty. Some are on Viking Village. Some have been written up in the Western Front.

Mabel Zoe Wilson, the WWU Libraries' namesake
If you see Mabel Zoe Wilson in the library you should assume she is a helpful ghost!

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  1. There's also a rumor that WWU's Canada House is haunted. Although it would be high in the running for having the creepiest basement on campus, it's not haunted. A gold-colored bust of the first Canadian Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, used to be on display at the top of the stairs. Bathed in the green light of the exit sign, it appeared through the window that a floating, glowing figure was guarding the top of the staircase. In reality, it was just poor lighting on good art.
    by Elliott Smith on Oct 17, 2013.

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