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From the ATUS announcement:

Quick Summary

Print Quota

Students receive a free quota of $2.50  per student per quarter, equivalent to 50 black & white pages, provided by the Student Technology Fee. Color prints are  $.25 per page.   

View Your Print Balance in MyWestern

  1. Log in to MyWestern
  2. Click the Student tab
  3. Select Computer Account Information

What action should I take?

If you plan on printing in any of the student labs you should make sure you have suffient funds for the work you may be printing during a quarter. This will help ensure that you don't exceed your print quota right before an important paper or piece of research needs to be printed. To give you an idea of how much to add to your print balance, Western students “average” about $7 of printing per quarter. Any money that you add to your print balance will be carried forward to the next quarter.

What does it cost per page to print?

Black and white prints cost $0.05 per page; color prints cost $0.25 per page.

* Student printing is not covered by your Student Technology Fee.
** For comparison purposes: per page costs at UW are $0.12 per single-sided black and white page, $0.23 for double-sided black and white page, and $0.75 for single-sided color page.

How do I add funds to my print balance?

Cash Print Deposit (no transaction fee).  Locations can be found at:

  • Haggard Hall 1st floor lobby (near the entrance to Red Square)
  • Haggard Hall 2nd floor (near the Student Technology Center)
  • Academic Instruction Center West, 3rd floor (across from AW 308 computer lab)
  • Web print deposit ($1 transaction fee):

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