Answered By: Gabe Gossett
Last Updated: Jan 14, 2016     Views: 973

There are four basic components to an APA Web citation: author, date, title, and URL, or as follows: 

Author, A. B. (date). Title of document. Retrieved from http://URL

A real example:

Marlinspike, M. (2012) The promise of defeat [Blog post]. Retrieved from

Things to watch for:

  • If you have a document that is an unusual format to be citing, such as a blog post, you should include square brackets--[ ]-- after the title with a description of the format inside.
  • Keep in mind that this format does not apply to all citations found online. Online journal articles and books would have a different format. 
  • When including the URL make sure that it actually works.
    • Do not put a period at the end
    • Include the entire URL that goes to the page you are citing

For more on citing websites see the APA Style Blog entry on this topic. The egg diagram is useful for determining hwo to cite a source. They also have a useful table for figuring out what to include in a Website citation (PDF).