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The ebooks available via the Ebsco eBook Collection (also known as Netlibrary) function differently than most of the ebooks we provide through Western Libraries. Unfortunately, there can only be one user of the book at a time. If someone else is viewing or has downloaded the ebook it will be unavailable to others.

Viewing the book without a download

You can view or download the books using the links on the left side of the screen labeled "PDF Fulltext" or "Download this Ebook Offline." Unlike most PDF links, the "PDF Fulltext" link will not allow you to download a copy of the book, but you will be able to view the text in your browser in a format similar to the original book design.

Downloading the book for offline reading

The "Download" option will allow you to save a temporary copy offline. Unfortunately, in order to do that you will first need to set up and log into an account with Ebsco and have software that can use an Adobe Digital Editions account on your computer to read DRM restricted materials (we recommend using the Bluefire Reader app, which is available for PC, iOS, and Android). These accounts are not in any way administered by Western Libraries, though we can advise you on the setup process.

Does downloading the book sound confusing? It is! We wish it were an easier process and we are here to help. Tips to make this work better:

  1. Install your ebook reader software before doing a download. It seems to work better that way.
  2. If you only need to do a little reading from the book and don't really use other ebooks, consider just using the browser viewing option. It makes things easier.

Screenshot showing book access links

Image illustrates the PDF Fulltext and Download this Ebook link locations and need to set up an account with Ebsco.

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