Answered By: Gabe Gossett
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So far as we know all of our stairs go somewhere, but many of them end with a locked door that are only accessible to staff (they are emergency exits for Special Collections or roof access for those who have keys).  

Sometimes weird things happen late at night and mystical powers may be at play which create a confusing maze in which unsuspecting undergraduates get lost within the library, never to be found again.  If you happen accross a confused and emaciated student wandering among the books please walk them to the nearest service desk and we will help them find what they need.

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  1. I'm guessing this question did not mean to ask "is it true there are stairs in the library that go to nowhere," but rath, "is it true that there are stairs somewhere on campus that go to nowhere?" The answer is yes. They are found on the Comm Facility lawn. Much like the phrase "Harry Potter Room" the term "stairs that go nowhere" is an unofficial one used to describe the sculpture that graces the lawn on south campus.
    by Matt Dugan on Oct 11, 2011