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Citing a speech depends on the format in which you accessed that speech. For example, if you read a text transcript of a speech, you should cite it as a speech transcript:

Lincoln, A. (2019). Gettysburg address [Speech transcript]. American Rhetoric. (Original work published 1863)

  • Parenthetical Citation: (Lincoln,1863/2019)
  • Narrative Citation: Lincoln (1863/2019)
  • Note: In the reference entry, the first date in the reference entry is associate with the work where the transcript is published. For more info see the APA Style Guide on Transcripts.

If you watched a speech on YouTube, you would cite it as a streaming video:

CNBC Television. (2021, April 28). President Joe Biden delivers his first state of the Union address. [Video]. YouTube.

  • Parenthetical Citation: (CNBC, 2021)
  • Narrative Citation: CNBC (2021)
  • Note: The person or organization who uploaded the video is considered the author. For more information see pg. 344 of the APA 7th Edition Style Guide (2020)

If you listened to a speech as an audio recording, you would cite it as a speech audio recording:

King, M.L., Jr. (1963, August 28). I have a dream [Speech audio recording]. American Rhetoric.

  • Parenthetical Citation: (King, 1963)
  • Narrative Citation: King (1963)
  • Note: This example was sourced from pg. 346 of the APA 7th Edition Style Guide (2020)


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