Answered By: Gabe [Research & Writing Studio]
Last Updated: Feb 25, 2020     Views: 2175

When doing a literature review it can be difficult to know what your paper ought to look like, but it is a good skill to work on since many academic papers at advanced levels have subsections that include literature reviews. If you have not seen one before, though, it can be tricky knowing what your instructor is looking for. Fortunately, you can specifically search for literature reviews in PsycINFO.  Looking at a few reviews that have been published in academic journals can be a good way to understand what is expected and that type of language and formatting used.

You can search for literature reviews in the following way:

  • Starting at the library homepage go to OneSearch.
  • Select A-Z Databases from the top of your screen.
  • Find PsycINFO and select it. 
  • Before starting your search on the main page scroll down and look in the Methodology section in the lower right for “Literature Review” and highlight that. 
  • Then using the search boxes at the top you can put in your search terms to find existing literature reviews. 

Note that there may not be a literature review on your specific topic, but if you are just looking for some examples of other literature reviews you can use search terms that are broadly related to your discipline. For example, linked here are results from a literature review search using the term “Rehabilitation Counseling.”

For help on finding literature reviews from other sources use the contact information to the right to get in touch with a librarian.