Answered By: Gabe [Research & Writing Studio]
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Take a credit course from the Libraries!

The Libraries currently offers multiple courses where student can develop and hone research, writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills. The courses described below are regularly offered, but often special topics courses are offered as well.

LIBR 305: Speaking & Listening Practicum

Through participation in Western's Teaching-Learning Academy, students gain and apply concepts and strategies for facilitating civil discourse in an academic setting. Informed by reading selected articles on the nature of civil discourse, practicum students facilitate small dialog groups and do midterm and final reflective commentaries on what they have learned about speaking and listening in an academic context regarding teaching and learning issues. With approval from the instructor, practicum students may choose to earn additional practicum credit by participating in follow-up TLA-related projects.

LIBR 339 & 439: Practicum in Research-Writing

Through individualized learning plans developed in consultation with the instructor, students will gain and apply research, reading, and writing strategies for completing their coursework. LIBR 339 should be paired with GUR or upper division coursework. LIBR 439 should be paired with 400-level coursework or above.

LIBR 201: Introduction to Research Strategies

A four-credit GUR research skills class in both the traditional face-to-face format and online. In LIBR 201 students learn about:

  • The nature of research with emphasis on strategies for carrying out inquiry
  • How to locate electronic and print sources
  • How to assess sources for authority
  • How to manage the research process and write citations
  • And how to select and incorporate material from sources into your writing

Check ClassFinder for the current Libraries course offerings.