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When doing an in-text citation of a book that has been reprinted, the format is:

(Author, date when the original material was published / date of the version you consulted)

Example: (Sartre, 1956/1992).


The format for a reference entry is:

Author Last Name, First Initial. (year). Title of Book. Location: Publisher. (date of original work).


Example: Mills, D. (2007). The Book of the Ancient World. New York: Angelico Press. (Original work published 1923)


For more information, see the APA Blog post on how to determine the publication dates of materials


When citing a multi volume work that has been published over the course of a number of years, use the date range as the publication date in both the in text citation and reference list: (Smith, 1999-2006).

Comments (5)

  1. Leon Research & Writing Studio, you stated that if the book has been reprinted to include both the original date as well as the reprinted date with a / between them, but does this hold true for a copyright renewal as well?
    by Rachel on Mar 16, 2019.
  2. Rachel, there does not appear to be specific guidance in the APA Manual or on the APA Style Blog regarding your question. However, I would recommend not using a copyright renewal date in a citation. Copyright renewal is more of a reflection of a legal status rather than indicating when content was composed or renewed. For the purpose of a citation it is more important to let your reader know the currency of the source cited rather than the legal status.
    by Gabe [Research & Writing Studio] on Mar 25, 2019.
  3. I am using a book in my dissertation that was reprinted by a different publisher. (First published in 1886 by William Blackwood and Sons; republished in 1987 by Ailsa Inc.) How would the reference appear in the reference list? Thank you!
    by Marilyn on Sep 29, 2019.
  4. @ Marilynn: To our knowledge, and resources we normally consult, APA does not give specific guidance on this. Looking through the APA Publication Manual at reference examples 21 and 26, on pages 203-204, there are some hints about how to best approach this, though there is not an ideal example to model it on. My suggestion would be to largely base it on example 21, but to also add the publisher name afterwards, for example: (Original work published 1886 by William Blackwood & Sons). This may be cleared up further with the APA 7th edition coming out in October, though if you use formatting from that you'll want to make sure to format you entire reference list in 7th edition style.
    by Gabe [Research & Writing Studio] on Sep 30, 2019.
  5. The university has not yet informed me if I'll need to update to the 7th edition before publication, which I expect to be in about a month. Thank you so much for your quick and comprehensive response!
    by Marilyn on Oct 01, 2019.

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