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This is one the great life questions that we like to debate here at Western. Many people insist the Zoe's Bookside Cafe is pronounced with two syllables; that the O and the E in Zoe both get equal airtime. Others insist that the E should remain shushed as they imagine Mabel Zoe Wilson, the librarian namesake for the main building, might have shushed loud library patrons of a bygone era.

What do you think? Write a comment here with your take on the debate.

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  1. I strongly believe the E should be shushed. The cafe is named after Mabel Zoe, who pronounced her name Zoe as in Oh, not Zoe as in Joey. Also, it's a nice irony to shush the e as it not a shushing kind of place... and it sounds better! IMO...
    by Andy on Sep 26, 2012

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