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Quick Answer: In-text Only

Detailed Answer:

For standardized classic works, such as the Bible or Qu'ran, you can simply use an in-text citation and omit that entry from the reference list. If the source is translated, list the year of the translation with "trans." before it. For example, (Laozi, trans. 2013). If you know the year the source was originally published, include that in your citation. For example, (Donne, 1624/2013). For more information on citing reprinted material, see this FAQ entry.

If you are citing or referring to a specific part of a classical work use the standardized numbering system for that work in the place of page numbers.

Reference list

Major classical works may be omitted from the reference list, otherwise follow the regular conventions for the source you consulted.


2 Cor. 4:5 (King James Version)

Qur'an 7:9-12

For more information, see the APA Publication Manual, pages 178-179.

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