Answered By: Gabe Gossett
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There is a room in the basement of Wilson Library with a giant boulder in it, but it is not open to the public.

You can see a portion of the boulder in question from outside of the library next to the skybridge. The lower wall of the library bisects it.

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  1. So, from another perspective, where is there a boulder that has a library on it? Or for that matter, a hill of sandstone with a university on it. The old Carnegie Library in Bellingham was set up on the sandstone hill downtown, accessed by long series of steps. Bits of that sandstone rib that were not demolished are still found in the alleys east of Commercial between Magnolia and Whatcom Creek. Someone at WWU was enlightened enough to realize that rather than remove all of the 'exterior' part of the boulder in question by Mabel Zoe Wilson's library, it could be aesthetically pleasing and 'geologically correct' to leave some of it!
    by Gene Myers on Oct 28, 2013
  2. add to my just-sent 'answer':
    Chuckanut sandstone outcrops and libraries seem to go together in Bellingham. Why? Perhaps because both are bedrocks of our culture.
    by Gene Myers on Oct 28, 2013