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APA has special rules for citing films. Instead of a publisher location and name they ask for the country of origin and studio. However, what makes it a little confusing, is that in the example they provide they entirely omit location and the studio name and instead have a line where it says: Available from [studio homepage URL]. Information on both ways of doing a film or movie citation can be found on the APA Manual page 209.

Basic Format

Producer Last Name, First Initial. (Producer), & Director Last Name, First Initial. (Director). (Release Year). Title of motion picture [Motion Picture]. Country of Origin: Studio.


Ferguson, S. & Saines, E. G. (Producers). (2010). Temple grandin [DVD]. USA: Home Box Office.


Ferguson, S. & Saines, E. G. (Producers). (2010). Temple grandin [DVD]. Available from

An episode in a television series should be cited in a similar way as a chapter in a book. The script writer and director should be used in the place of the chapter authors and producer in the place of the editor.

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