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Around exam time the library becomes one of the more popular places on campus. As many students find out, the spots they might have studied at in the past could be nabbed up by some other student crunching for their next test. There are a few spots that are less likely to be frequented. Here is a brief list of places you might not have tried, starting from the ground floor up.

Wilson 1 East, Compact Shelving and 1 West, Map Collection 

In the very back of 1 East are some super secluded study spots. You might have trouble getting wifi and there aren't a lot of tables and chairs, but it will do in a pinch. The Map Collection also has limited hours, so it will only work out midday during weekdays.

Wilson 2 west (main level)

Many students use this space already, but it often does not fill up. At first it may not look like you are entering a public study space, but rest assured it is.

Haggard 233 Computer Lab

This 24 hour computer lab, tucked away in the far corner of the building is one of the less used labs.

Wilson 3, Skybridge and Daylight Lounge overlooks

These are spaces that overlook the hubbub of the main level, but are somewhat removed from it at the same time.

Special Collections, Wilson 6

This is s space primarily for using the collections, and there are restrictions on using pens, drinks, and food, but it might work if you meet those criteria. Even if you don't study there, stop by at on a clear day to take in the stunning view and say hi to the friendly staff.

Music Library

The Music Library is across the street from the main libray in the Performing Arts Building. Enter from the stairs on the southwest corner of the plaza.

So what about you? What's your favorite spot to study in the library? 

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