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You can remove fields in Zotero by clicking CTRL+SHIFT+F9 when your cursor is on the citation you wish to remove the field for. If you wish to remove all of the fields for a document click CTRL+A then CTRL+SHIFT+F9. Doing this will make all of your Zotero citations regular Word text. You will also lose editing functionality in Zotero when you do this, so it could be important to make a copy of the file first.

Why would you want to do this? Some journals require submissions to be free of the citation fields that make Zotero do its work. Also, if you are sharing a document with someone you may want to remove the fields on the off chance that it might have an adverse interaction with thier computer's unique setup.


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  1. Thank you for this helpful information! Saved me a lot of time
    by Jess on Jun 01, 2016.

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