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To cite multiple works by the same author in your writing, include a shortened title of the work you are referring to. Book titles should be in italics and short titles of articles should be in quotation marks.

Multiple books by an author (when named in sentence):

Johnson states that "the means justify the ends" (Endgames 22), yet in later years he reversed his position substantially (Imagine 87).

Multiple articles by an Author (when named in sentence):

Davidson states that "the radio spectrum increased 2.5%" ("Signals 2011" 21), yet government analysis is just the opposite ("Radio Spectrums Updated" 2012) 

Article by an author not named in sentence:

Visual literacy is still "vague and ill-defined" by educational boards and policymakers (Ellis, "Visual Literacy" 12; ). 

Works Cited Page:

Just cite both sources normally and separately. Since your Works Cited page is in alphabetical order, you'll have to list works by the same author by date (earliest first). If they're the same date, too, then list them alphabetically by title of the source. 

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