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The basic format according to MLA format (8th edition) for a translated book is:

Author's Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Translated by First Name Last Name.
     Publisher, Year.


Hammesfahr, Petra. The Sinner. Translated by John Brownjohn. Bitter Lemon Press, 2007.


Comments (2)

  1. This doesn't go over if and how we should translate the author's name - for example, if it's in a foreign alphabet. Do we also put the author's name twice?
    by Rhiannon King on Feb 06, 2023
  2. Hi, Rhiannon. According to sec. 5.30 Translations of titles in the ninth edition of the MLA Handbook, page 133: "For titles written in non-Latin characters, it may be useful to supply a transliteration in addition to a translation, especially if the list of works cited includes more than one work in the same non-Latin alphabet under the same author or title. Translations or transliterations of book titles are italicized, but title sin non-Latin characters are styled roman. Separate a transliteration and translation with a semi-colon." You should alphabetize titles by the transliterated title.
    by Elizabeth on Feb 07, 2023

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