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In Advanced Search, one of the dropdown menus features options such as 'Contains,' 'is (exact),' and 'Starts with.' These options govern how OneSearch displays your search results, based upon degree of precision. For example:

  • Contains: The 'Contains' option searches for the keyword or phrase anywhere in the specified field (title, author, etc.).
  • is (exact): The 'is (exact)' option searches for an exact match between the entered keyword or phrase and selected field (title, author, etc.). 
  • Starts with: The 'Starts with' option searches for the keyword or phrase at the beginning of a specified field (title, author, etc.). Note: Please know that this filter only works on titles.

When conducting searches, precision of search results can matter. If you're searching for a specific title or author, please use the 'is (exact)' limiter.

Here is an example:


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