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For a brief video demonstration of the three ways to export citations please see below. 

There are three ways to export citations:

Drag and drop citations from Zotero into a text field. In order to do this make sure you change your citation preferences to the style you most often use in the preferences (click on the gear icon > click preferences > click on the clipboard > use the drop down menu to choose a style > click save).

Create a bibliography of source by holding ctrl while selecting multiple sources or right clicking on a folder of sources and selecting the option to "Create Bibliography from Collection ..." It is easiest to have the citations copied to your clipboard so that you can paste them into a document.

Use the Word or LibreOffice plugins. Install them from the Zotero download page. If you installed Zotero standalone version, and had Word closed while doing so, it should have installed the plugin at that time.


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