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First, if you don't have the call number yet, you want to find it using OneSearch. You can do this by searching the books title, author, or any other relevant information to narrow your search. Once you've found the book you want to locate, check its call number and availability status.

There are two ways of checking its availability status.The first and simplest indicator is the colored bar underneath the title, edition information, and media format.

An orange bar means the book is not available at WWU, but is available through Summit loan service. A gray bar means all copies of the book are currently unavailable. A green bar means the book is available at WWU. To see more details, click 'Request Options' to find out when the book will be back, or locations of copies of the book.

If the book is available, the call number and book location will be given immediately under the title. Not all of WWU's books are kept in the Wilson and Haggard libraries, so it is important to check the location. If the given location is not a Wilson or Haggard location, but you would prefer to check it out from these libraries, click 'Request Options'. There may be multiple copies of the book and one or more may be in Wilson or Haggard. If looking under 'Request Options', make sure the copy you want is available by checking the number available next to the number of copies.

So, assuming the book you want is available and is in the Wilson or Haggard library, you will want to refer to the location given in OneSearch. The name of the library the book is in will be first, then a number, and, if the book is in Wilson, a letter. The number is the floor number and the letter indicates whether the book is on the east or west side of that floor. A library map showing these areas can be found here:

If you are having trouble finding the book in the stacks (library shelves) there are a few things you can do. Attached to this answer are two files on reading call numbers that may be of use.

If it seems as though the call numbers on the shelves skip the call number you are looking for, try checking the reverse side of the card. The card indicates the call number range of the side of the shelf facing you, not of the entire shelf. The other side of the shelf may hold the call number range you need. If this is not the case, try moving laterally through the shelves instead of down the aisles and check the call numbers on the shelves you find there.

If you have checked that the book is available, found the location where it should be, and it's not there, it may be that a student is using the book within the library. A good solution here is to put a hold on the book using OneSearch. You will receive a courtesy email when the book is ready for pickup.

If you believe the book is missing, report the issue at the Circulation desk. Alternately, you may also choose to place a request for the book. If the book is found, it will be held for you.

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