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There may be some established study groups out there and checking on that would be a good first step. The Tutoring Center facilitates study groups for some topics and student clubs sometimes operate study groups as well. You might check on social media as well, such as Discord, for online study groups.

If none of those options work out and you plan to start your own group, here are some steps you can take.

  • Find a space. You could plan to meet in one of the Libraries collaborative spaces or ask your department if there is a conference room you can reserve.
  • Once you have a place and time, invite your classmates. You can likely email them or make an announcement through Canvas. If the class permissions don't allow this, you can ask you professor to forward an email about the study group to your class, or post a Canvas announcement about it, or let you make a quick announcement at the beginning of class to help you advertise the group.
  • You could also consider starting a new Associated Students club, which might provide some AS support for your group.

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